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Having a nice site is good but it is even better that it is seen, visited and shared!

Website creation

We design the architecture of your site after thinking about the best ergonomics for your users and to be compatible with the requirements of Google.

Having a beautiful website is good, but owning a website that is seen on search engines is better! Your website must match your corporate values, it must be designed to be able to read it on small screens and above all it must be optimized for referencing. That’s how we design websites at Agence Ma Favorite!

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) allows the best visibility of your website on the search engines.

To create your website Google Friendly we base our strategy on 5 essential and inseparable actions:

  • Do an audit of your existing website or write a site architecture under construction
  • Optimize your website
  • Insert content optimized for reference
  • Create inbound links of quality so that your website is more visited
  • Analyze the performance of these actions and correct them if necessary

Another way to see the web !


Nothing better to drive traffic to your website!

Web Writing

Text content is an integral part of your site’s referencing.
The image seduces and the word convinces!

Blog articles
We write your articles entirely or we write these texts from an editorial line you dictate.

Texts and images of your website
We optimize the texts, images and product sheets of your site in order to make your site more attractive to your visitors and that your website gains visibility on the search engines

All the world is not fervent Facebook user! Also we allow you to gain notoriety by letting you know prospects by their e-mail box.

Community management

Social networks or community management consists in animating and federating communities on the Internet around your brand. As part of a web-marketing strategy, we propose to you the animation of your social networks the most adapted according to your targets and your objectives.

Animating your pages on social networks indirectly contributes to  drive  traffic to your website. So to your visibility on the search engines. And directly, it helps manage your E-reputation. Indeed, the animation and the moderation on your Facebook pages, profiles Twitter, Linkedin … allows your community of fans to grow by arousing the commitment. By posting the right articles at the right time, your fans will love and share your posts or blog posts. Adding to a well-managed blog, community management, allows a conquest and a loyalty of the users, of your future customers.



E-reputation refers to the reputation of a company or brand on the Web. Working your E-reputation is getting a competitive advantage through the information we will convey on your business and that will appear as a token of legitimacy.

The creation of a strong identity is an essential strategy to develop in your Internet users positive attitudes towards your brand that will have beneficial effects on your sales. For this, Ma Favorite does an audit of the existing links on the web, optimizing your site for SEO, your pages on social networks. We also analyze your digital identity if necessary. Then the web agency Ma Favorite will give you its recommendations according to your objectives and your targets so that you gain visibility and that you get a solid and consistent image on the web. Given the speed of communication and its speed of circulation you must have the necessary reaction capacity or the technical and human means. It should also be borne in mind that comments on and / or against it may remain virtually indefinitely available online, even if the subject matter is no longer relevant at all. My Favorite is there to manage the animation of your blog, the moderation of the comments on your site or your pages on the social networks. The growth of social media has considerably complicated the image management of a company or brand on the Web, and therefore the resulting E-reputation.

Trust us your E-reputation!

The web agency Ma Favorite offers you its web services: website creation, web marketing, SEO. And we think at the best marketing strategy for your brand.

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